Wednesday, June 22, 2011


You can earn big prizes:
1st-10 BTC(or money value of it,curently $150)
2nd-5BTC(or money value of it,curently $75)
3rd-1BTC(curently $15)

How can you earn that prizes? Simply...and free!!!

You play guess a number game.I imagined one number from 1 to 100 000 and you need to guess it
What you need?You need Twitter account.If you don't have,open one on
Click on PAY WITH A TWEET button (here on blog you will find it-in right corner) and follow instructions to download free e-book. (You need to login to your Twitter account,post given tweet on it,and after that you will see buton "Get it now" to get free e-book.After that complete few surveys until download is unlocked,and then go to REGULAR DOWNLOAD and download e-book)
After you downloaded the book,send URL of your tweet,where you tweeted given
text + the number you think I imagined+the last sentence in my free e-book (to be sure you downloaded it) to this e-mail: and optionally you can comment this post something similar like this: "I sent you e-mail". I will check if you downloaded e-book and tweeted given tweet in your twitter account and if you did,you are eligible for the prizes!!!If you didn't download e-book you will not win prize regardless you guessed a number
You can use this free try only once.If you want second try (or multiple tries)
then you will have to pay 0.001 BTC to this BTC account:
or $0.02 to this Liberty reserve account: U4502567 ($0.02 because of the LR fee
of $0.01)
Now,you are eligible for the game,let's say your number is 5355...Now other players
send their numbers too and when someone guesses number or prizepool is big
enough I will announces who are the winners and their numbers..If noone guessed
number and your number is closest to solution, you win money value of 10 BTC
on Liberty reserve or 10 BTC,what you prefer!!!Second closest participant wins money value of 5BTC on LR and third money value of 1BTC on LR(or 1BTC,if prefer)
This is great way to earn cash or BTCs,because you can earn $150 only by
downloading e-book or investing only 0,001 BTC (these days about $0,0015) to
win $150!You can see your name and choosen number on daily updated play-
board and names of other players during the game...When someone guesses
number game is stoped and winners are announced...If noone guesses number
winners are announced after the prizepool is generated...

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